New region: Thea
Immortals, embark for new adventures! The long-awaited Thea region has become available to all Immortals and Gods of Skyforge.


The time of the New Moon Order has come. Travel to Thea, one of Aelion’s moons, and fight the enemy in low gravity. The area is rich in Aelerium, a valuable resource that can be used to unlock new class talents. However, beware of the mighty Kairax, the Aelerium Monster! Join other players and explore the moon, fulfil the objectives, repel the hordes of enemies to claim victory!
To go to Thea press the view button pad and navigate to "Tacit Dunes", there you will find the Thea Region.

Thea Packs now available!

Aelion is now in the era of interplanetary travel! "Today, Thea - tomorrow the whole universe!" you hear chanting from Flavius’ laboratory. Travel to the moon in style with the Space Traveler and Space Technologies Packs! Grab them now in the in-game pack store!

Space Traveler Pack

This pack contains:
Spacesuit "Pioneer”
21 days Premium Time
1.000.000 Credits
20 Stimulants
19.999 argents

Space Technologies Packs

This pack contains:
Manned Space Module "Pioneer"
7500 Knowledge of Enemies
5000 Victor's Medals
17.999 argents